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We stand in solidarity with the entire Global Black Diaspora. In this fight for climate and environmental justice, we are in a position to address the climate crisis internationally—to work together, undoing the damage done to our communities by colonialists and corporations. The climate crisis knows no borders and continues to have devastating and deadly impacts. Lackluster, white-led NGO efforts at climate mitigation have sent the world on a trajectory for an extinction-level event. As Global Black communities, we have been land stewards for millennia. We are calling for solutions that include rematriation; open borders for climate migration; reparations; and bringing an end to false, technocratic solutions that rely on markets and profit rather than community agency and stewardship.

We must adjust to this reality immediately if the human species has any chance at adaptation and surviving. We will do this by advancing toward greater ecosystems of care, community organizing, and building alternatives, while calling for  tangible and bold changes to the current system in which we exist.

We build upon a Black queer feminist, pan-African political framework, and honor the Black radical traditions of our ancestors and elders, who have, for generations before us, shared strategy, and built solidarity and wins against colonial and corporate powers across borders. Forwards ever, Backwards never.

The Black Hive @M4BL Demands: 

  • The cancellation of all international debt and support for Black communities in the form of reparations from colonial governments and corporations that have created the mess in which we live
  • Climate migrant visas for all Black people from the Global Black Diaspora crossing any border, and protections from incarceration, detention, and abuse at the hands of federal and state forces
  • The cessation of all global oil and gas exploration and development, including a boycott of all banks, insurance companies, and asset management companies that fund or make profit from extractive projects
  • An end to the export of all plastic waste to poor countries and the dumping of toxic energy outputs into water systems across the Global Black Diaspora
  • Reparations for all Global Black Diaspora and African nations still dealing with the devastating impacts of colonialism and post-colonialism
  • The United States and Global North Nations must throw tangible support behind actions to secure Loss & Damages (climate reparations) funding from the wealthiest nations through the UNFCCC. Climate reparations, like reparations for slavery and colonialism, must be addressed through tangible financing rather than any false promises of loans, aid, dialogues, or forums for all Global Black Nations.
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